To all those currently raising children in Higashikagawa City, and those planning to start families soon. This time, we’ll delve into the details of the childcare leave acquisition promotion subsidy provided by Higashikagawa City.

This subsidy is designed to support businesses in the city by providing additional wage payments in addition to the childcare leave benefits, ensuring parents can take leave without financial worry. It also contributes to combating declining birthrates and achieving work-life balance in the city’s workplaces.

In this article, we will clearly introduce the purpose of the subsidy, who it’s for, how to apply, and what exactly it covers. This information will be valuable for those considering childcare leave, HR personnel, and business owners.



What is the Higashikagawa City Childcare Leave Acquisition Promotion Subsidy?

Purpose and Overview of the Subsidy

Higashikagawa City has established the ‘Childcare Leave Acquisition Promotion Subsidy’ to support families with childcare responsibilities and to advance measures against declining birthrates. The main purpose of this subsidy is to reduce the financial burden during childcare leave and to make it easier for working parents to balance childcare and work.

It also aims to make it easier for businesses in the city to promote taking childcare leave, by subsidizing part of the wages, thus aiming for the realization of work-life balance.


Eligibility for the Subsidy

The subsidy targets businesses with offices or workplaces within Higashikagawa City. Eligible employees are those working at these locations, regardless of whether they reside in the city or not.

This allows a wide range of businesses and employees to benefit from the subsidy.



Specifics of the Subsidy

Eligible Expenses and Maximum Amount

The subsidy from Higashikagawa City targets expenses such as wages paid on top of the childcare leave benefits. The maximum amount of subsidy is set at 17% of the amount obtained by multiplying the daily wage at the start of childcare leave by the number of payment days according to the Employment Insurance Act, thus providing substantial financial support.

There’s also a set maximum for part-time work during childcare, up to 13% for wages above 80% of the monthly wage amount during part-time work within 180 days after starting childcare leave.


Subsidy for Part-time Work During Childcare

After 180 days from the start of childcare leave, the subsidy details change. From this point, the difference between 50% of the regular monthly wage and the childcare leave benefits becomes the subsidy cap. This design makes it easier for employees performing part-time work during childcare to take leave.

Higashikagawa City offers a flexible subsidy system to help employees balance work and childcare.



Application Process and Required Documents


Outline of the Application Process

The application for Higashikagawa City’s childcare leave subsidy involves several steps. First, prepare the necessary documents for the subsidy application, including the childcare leave benefit payment decision notification and wage ledger.

Once the documents are prepared, submit them to the General Affairs Department’s Regional Creation Division at Higashikagawa City Hall. After submission, the city’s personnel will review the documents and may request additional information if needed. Finally, the city decides on the subsidy grant and notifies the applicant.


List of Submission Documents and Points to Note

The following documents are required for the subsidy application: the subsidy grant application form, childcare leave benefit payment decision notification, worker roster, employment conditions notification, labor agreement or work regulations, wage ledger, attendance record, time cards, etc. Especially important are documents proving additional wage payments during the subsidy-eligible period.

Documents approving part-time work during childcare must also be submitted. All submitted documents can be copies, but if they differ from the original, they may not be accepted, so accurate document submission is required.



Effects of Utilizing the Subsidy

Contribution to Measures Against Declining Birthrates

Higashikagawa City’s childcare leave subsidy directly contributes to measures against declining birthrates. By creating an environment where childcare leave is easily accessible, it lowers the economic barrier for the younger generation to balance childcare and work, reducing the anxiety of having children.

This makes balancing childcare and career a realistic option, ultimately encouraging childbirth.


Improving Work-Life Balance

The subsidy is an important support for workers to balance their workplace and family life. Making childcare leave more accessible allows employees to balance work and family life more easily, reducing stress and potentially improving work efficiency and satisfaction.

For businesses, increased employee satisfaction could lead to lower turnover rates and better talent retention in the long run.




Expected Changes from Utilizing the Subsidy

The use of Higashikagawa City’s childcare leave subsidy is expected to bring positive changes to the local work environment. Especially, creating an environment where employees can easily take childcare leave is likely to keep working parents in the city, contributing to the revitalization of the local economy.


Future Prospects and Impact on the Community

In the future, as more businesses and employees become aware of and utilize this subsidy, it could change the way of working across Higashikagawa City. A society where balancing childcare and work is the norm will enhance the city’s appeal, encouraging the influx of new talent and the settling of child-rearing generations.

Furthermore, as local businesses make use of this subsidy, a more comfortable work environment is anticipated.


For more details, visit the Higashikagawa City official website