A Chance to Find Love in Aomori! Gonohe Town’s Matchmaking Support Offers Up to 300,000 Yen in Subsidies to Make Your Dreams Come True!




In Gonohe Town, Aomori Prefecture, special support is being carried out to encourage new encounters and steps toward marriage. In the fiscal year of Reiwa 5 (2023), Gonohe Town is launching a groundbreaking project, offering up to 300,000 yen in subsidies to organizers of matchmaking events. This is part of the measures against declining birthrates and aims to simultaneously revitalize the community and pursue personal happiness.

This article introduces the charm and application method of this matchmaking support project, as well as successful cases in Gonohe Town. Let’s explore how Gonohe Town’s initiatives are bringing new hope to the single men and women of the region.






Overview of Gonohe Town’s Matchmaking Support Project

Support Content in Reiwa 5 (2023)

The matchmaking support project in Gonohe Town, Aomori Prefecture, began with the goal of creating opportunities for single men and women to meet and take steps toward marriage, as part of measures against declining birthrates. In the fiscal year of Reiwa 5 (2023), this project offers up to 300,000 yen in subsidies to individuals and groups planning and holding matchmaking events.

The purpose of these subsidies is to increase the opportunities for social interactions within the community and promote healthy encounters. The format of these events can vary widely, from face-to-face gatherings to online seminars, allowing for a diverse range of implementations.

This enables singles both within and outside the town to participate easily and find new opportunities for encounters.


Eligibility and Conditions for Subsidy Application

Eligibility for the subsidy is limited to individuals and groups active in Gonohe Town, businesses or individuals residing in the town, and any other groups or individuals deemed appropriate by the mayor. It is essential to plan events targeting single men and women over the age of 20.

Events are expected to have a healthy and enjoyable environment for encounters, with a planned participation of at least 8 people. Applicants must submit a proposal detailing the event plan, budget, and methods of recruiting participants.

The subsidy is awarded after an application review and is disbursed following the event.



Benefits of Hosting Matchmaking Events

Impact on the Local Community

Hosting matchmaking events not only provides a meeting place for singles but also significantly impacts the local community. First, using local restaurants and venues for events contributes to the regional economy.

Additionally, the events stimulate cross-industry interactions within the area, potentially creating new business opportunities. They also serve as an opportunity to showcase the charm of the region, attracting visitors from other areas.

Such events contribute to strengthening the overall community bonds and enhance the vitality of the town.


Advantages for Participants

The main benefit for participants is the opportunity to have new encounters. In a rural town like Gonohe, the chances of meeting new people in daily life can be limited. Matchmaking events proactively provide a venue for such encounters, considering the regional characteristics.

With various event formats, participants can enjoy interacting with others in a style that suits them. From making friends to finding a romantic partner and even a potential spouse, these events hold numerous possibilities.



Application Method and Schedule

Required Documents and Application Process

Applying for Gonohe Town’s matchmaking support project involves several steps and required documents. First, applicants need to create a business plan. This plan should include the purpose of the event, planned activities, target participants, a budget proposal, and expected outcomes.

Next, applicants must submit this business plan to the Gonohe Town office or related authorities, and if necessary, explain the purpose of using the subsidy and details of the plan. Once the application is accepted, it goes through a review process, after which the subsidy is granted.

This process can take several weeks to a few months, so it’s crucial to allow ample time for planning and application.


Application Deadline and Points to Note

The deadline for subsidy applications is usually a few months after the public offering starts, but it can be earlier depending on the budget’s exhaustion. Therefore, interested individuals and organizations should check the information early and prepare accordingly.

It’s also important to ensure that the event content aligns with Gonohe Town’s guidelines and policies and does not include any activities that violate public order and morals. Providing accurate information and carefully preparing the necessary documents is key to obtaining the subsidy.



The Impact and Appeal of the Matchmaking Support Project

Positive Impact on the Local Community

Gonohe Town’s matchmaking support project has had a significant positive impact on the local community. The events held so far have provided new meeting places for the people of the area, deepening community bonds.

For example, one event led to participants discussing local issues and becoming more actively involved in regional activities. Thus, matchmaking events not only facilitate personal encounters but also promote collaboration and cooperation throughout the community.

They also contribute to the local business, albeit on a small scale, and play a role in revitalizing the local economy.


The Diverse Appeal of Matchmaking Events

Matchmaking events held in Gonohe Town attract a wide range of participants due to their diverse formats and content. For example, there are events that gather people with shared hobbies and events that enjoy the local food culture.

These events offer more than just a chance to meet the opposite sex; they facilitate natural communication and interaction through shared interests and hobbies. Online matchmaking events also provide opportunities for people living far away to participate, creating meeting places that transcend regional boundaries.

The new relationships formed at these events provide valuable experiences for participants, adding new dimensions to their lives.




Encouraging the Use of Subsidies for Matchmaking

Through this article, it has become clear how Gonohe Town’s matchmaking support project contributes to both the happiness of individuals and the betterment of the local community. By utilizing subsidies, high-quality matchmaking events can be realized at a low cost, offering significant benefits for both participants and organizers.

Gonohe Town’s initiative serves as a model for other regions, enriching local communities through matchmaking activities.



Future Prospects in Gonohe Town

Gonohe Town’s matchmaking support project is expected to continue providing meeting opportunities for many single men and women. The positive effects of this project not only revitalize the area but also contribute to improving the quality of life for people.

Gonohe Town looks forward to continuing such innovative initiatives, pursuing the development of the region and the happiness of its residents.


Gonohe Town Official Website: Details of the Gonohe Town Marriage Activity Support Fund.